Heattreatment Shed

In cooperation with our partner Flashtech we offer you a total solution for the control of BMSB consisting of:

  • Building including control room
  • Electrical heating
  • High air circulation by means of fans suspended from the roof
  • Control and registration system
  • Commissioning
  • Optional: taking care of building permits, foundations, etc.

The air flows, heating control and registration system are tuned to each other. This results in the shortest possible throughput cycle and the lowest energy consumption. A major advantage of this type of shed is that the heating is elecric, and also has fans attached to the ceiling. There are no fans on the floor to get the warm air through the cars, which gives less chance of damage to cars and a shorter filling and emptying cycle between two heattreatment treatments.

Read more at: https://www.flashtech.nl/uploads/29/Datasheet%20HTRS%20Facilty.pdf