Hotroom for egg products

Design, development and installation of climatic chambers (hot-rooms) for the pasteurization of protein powder.

Before the pasteurization of the protein powder can take place, the protein has to be fermented.  Fermentation means that the present glucose is removed from the liquid protein. This is necessary to prevent a Maillard* reaction during the storage of protein powder. Bacteria or yeast are used for “de-sugaring”, after which the product is dried.


Once the protein has dried, it still needs to be pasteurized. This process takes place in a climatic chamber (hot-room) for a period of approx. 14 days. This is followed by product control before the protein powder can be released. The amount of bacteria after the drying process must be acceptable. Nowadays the use of protein powders is indispensable in the food industry, because of functional and very easy use. The Hotroom increases the functional properties of the protein powder.

* A chemical reaction that occurs between the decreasing sugar content and amino acids under the influence of heat.