Project: Air handling units for China

Opdrachtgever: HB Group Almelo


Locatie: China

Algemene informatie:

For HB Group in Almelo we have been able to build air handling units. For this project it concerned two air handling units for which we were responsible for the construction of the frame, thus excluding the technical installations.

Prefab parts

After assembly of all technical installations (in-house HB Group), these cabinets were transported in prefabricated parts to China, where they were placed on top of the hotrooms that were placed there. Dimensions per cabinet approx. 4500 x 1800 x 1500 mm.

Among other things, we provided the panels consisting of stainless steel sheet metal wit a stone wool core including hatches and doors. We also realized the connection of the panels tot the steam lance and the steam block.

All this is prefabricated, welded and glued in our factory. On the pictures you can see the end result of the air handling units.