In consultation with you, cleanrooms will be tailored entirely to your wishes and requirements. For example, walls made of HPL of lacquered steel sheet are used for conditioned rooms. This in combination with various doors, windows and ceilings. We also make high-care rooms, operating rooms or clean rooms according to HACCP standards.

We like to think with you. By engaging us at an early stage, we are able to meet your wishes optimally and efficiently.


The meaning of a cleanroom is working in an very clean environment.  In general, the strict quality requirements lead to a decision to work in a cleanroom. Cleanrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Entering the cleanroom is normally done by means of an airlock. This is sometimes equipped with an air shower to remove the last remaining particles.

The air treatment system in a cleanroom ensures that the relative humidity of the room remains at a low level. Because the air pressure in the clean room is higher than the environment outside, dirty air can never enter.


Sectors in which we design and build



Today’s modern laboratories fall under the P3 en P4 classification. Therefore they are built and designed on the basis of cleanroom technology. Cleanroom finishes are required for these rooms in combinations with under pressure and airtight doors. For lower classified laboratories, cleanroom applications can also be fitted individually.


Important in pharmacy is the total control of all environmental factors. Purity of air, humidity, temperature and air pressure are essential. We guarantee the consistent functioning of the above mentioned parameters. Optimum hygiene is guaranteed by the careful construction of the cleanroom.

Health care

Classified rooms such as the hospital pharmacy, the operating rooms etc. are being used more an more often. Our cleanrooms are fully geared tot this with our specific additions in accordance with the statutory requirements. This makes them extremely suitable for the hospital sector.


In bio-technology, the cleanrooms are characterized by significant differences in classifications. Our cleanrooms guarantee the statutory regulations and the parameters required within the bio-technology environment.

Electronics / fine mechanics

Cleanrooms in this sector are characterized by different classifications. High classifications around the production processes and lower classifications around all ancillary activities. Consistency of temperature and control of dust particles are very important in this industry. We guarantee the consistent functioning of the above mentioned parameters.


In the chemical industry cleanrooms are used with many different specifications. Here the control of environmental factors such as dust particles, humidity, temperature and air pressure is essential.

For example, if you read the reference message from Van Geenen in Rijssen, they will tell you what advantages they have with both the cleanroom and the clean space. If you would also like to know what added value we can offer your company, please send us an email at: or call us on +31 546 – 644405.