Working method


A suitable solution for our customers, that is our goal. Installing, renewing or offering a complete system tailored to your needs is a challenge for us time and time again.

On the basis of your information, we work out the project in detail with our engineers before it is released for production in our own factory. Thanks to the combination of engineering, production and assembly, we work efficiently and cost-effectively and offer you excellent service.


ColPro Technical Solutions has an extensive and advanced range of machinery at its disposal. As a result, the possibilities are inventive and efficient.

Below you will find an extensive introduction to the XLT Bend machine, which we purchased at the beginning of 2017. As you can see in the video, this machine can be adjusted very accurately. This machine is a very welcome extension of our machine park.


By means of our specialized assembly teams we can fully guarantee the quality of the assembly. Our employees also take care of the maintenance and damage repair.

In short we offer you excellent products and installations and a great service.